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Fertilizers to meet your specific needs.
County Farm Service's years of experience with local soil and growing conditions lets us offer you an effective lime and fertilizing program tailored to your lawn's special needs. This is especially important with the wide range of soil types and qualities in this area. We can schedule a free lawn inspection and soil testing by one of our trained staff today at no cost or obligation to you. Just stop by or call us at (540) 825-2381.

About Soil and pH.

Soil texture and soil pH (= the measure of soil acidity) are two important aspects for a successful garden or lawn project. Soil texture can be improved by mixing in organic matter such as planting mixes, soil conditioner, peat moss, composted manure or compost.

Soil pH affects the ability of soil to release the nutrients in fertilizer. When the pH - measured with numbers between 1 and 10 - is too low/high it cannot efficiently release the nutrients in fertilizer. Most turf and pasture grasses do well in soil with a pH between 6.3 and 6.5. PH can be adjusted by applying lime (to raise it) or sulphur (to lower it). We can determine the exact amount you need by knowing your soil test results and the size of the treatment area.

Homeowners: Lawn & Garden

For your lawn or garden, we offer a full line of high quality, competitively priced lawn care products for those with the time and energy to do it themselves; or we can apply needed fertilizer per soil test results through our Lawn Service Department. We also offer products for weed kill, crabgrass control, wiregrass kill, and fungicides for killing brown patch, red thread, and other fungi that may appear in your lawn.

In addition to Scott's Turf Builder and Lawn Pro fertilizers and weed & feed lawn care products, we offer a wide variety of bag fertilizer analyses - including:

36-0-10 0-0-50 18-46-0 14-23-23  
5-10-5 10-10-10 0-23-31  46-0-0  

Our organic fertilizer products include - Holly Tone and Plant Tone by Espoma, blood meal, bone meal, cottonseed meal, Bradfield organics by Purina Mills.

Farm - Crop Production

Farmers in the United States have always been dedicated to preserving our natural resources. County Farm Service, Inc. has a 50 year tradition of serving farmers, and therefore can help you with environmentally safe products that treat our natural resources with respect and care.
Available services:
We can apply any fertilizer and chemicals needed for row crops (soybeans, corn, sunflowers), as well as fertilizer and chemicals to hay and pasture fields.

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